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Monday, March 22, 2010

the wonderful world of podcasts!!



Tea for the day: warm green tea with milk and tapioca. Yes, I've finally tried it but in a restaurant setting. I bet you they add way too much milk and sugar to actually make it taste so good lol. What tea would you like to be served today? *Sigh* I understand that I haven't been a very good host in the end of 09 and in this year as times I find myself either busy or just feeling lazy and uninspired otherwise I'm sure that I CAN post daily lol. Haha and it looks like I am quite behind with the monthly dosage of my "Inspiration of the Month" posts!!

Before I jump into the topic of my post, I'd like you all to welcome CY who's a new **Tea Mate** (lol, I know CY I should've done this WAY earlier!! Please do forgive me, I am now looking at your blog and I'll be one of your followers ;-) ).

Anyhow, how have you **Tea Mates** been during my absence? I recently got a 13inch MacBook Pro; my very first Mac ever!! I was always a PC person but I had a friend convert me through screen sharing on Skype...I'm sure that any of you who has also experienced this conversion knows exactly how it feels!

Now since I was playing around with my Mac, I was looking at I-Tunes and was amazed about a world I have never explored; free podcasts. There's like a podcast for anything, even the most unexpected of things. I feel like I've been missing out on a lot especially during those long moments of struggling to wake up from bed and long walks and rides. Yes, music is nice but (yes, I know this is going to sound very geeky and nerdy now lol) I would rather invest those times in learning new things and exploring souls and worlds through short stories (whether fictional or not), poetry, people's contemplations, their travels, and their cooking. So far, I've only been subscribing to the podcasts and didn't really start listening to them. I also don't even have an Ipod or an Itouch so that I could listen to them in my long walks and rides.

Personally instead of listening to music while walking or on the metro I always like to dig into my own thoughts, meditate, or listen to the "music" already around me; the music composed of birds singing and flying, people walking and talking, my own foot steps, and cars passing by; each passerby having stories of their own. There's also visual music of streets, plants, people, birds, and cars passing by. There's also music of sensation of heat and cold, changing weathers and seasons. This is indeed worth contemplating about wouldn't you say? (As I'm typing this, I'm suddenly remembering watching August Rush; I really loved it!).

In conclusion, I'd love to tell you that if you still haven't experienced the wonderful world of podcasts, then you better start now! In the meantime, I think it'd be cool if you **Tea Mates** or **Tea Guests** can share recommendations if you're already immersed into that world.

Before I leave now, I'd like to assure you that I will be updating you about my knitting. I still haven't uploaded the photos, so stay tuned to that and come back for more **tea**!

From you Tea Mate,
Reema B. :-)