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Welcome and thank you for stopping by the Tea House! **The Hostess rushes to have you seated on cushions, serves you a cup of tea, and sits with you**

In order to feel at home here and to better understand what this **Tea House** is really all about, please stop by my very first blog post called "Heya Tea-Mates!"

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Once you've settled in here with your cup of **tea**, **The Hostess** (i.e. me) would highly appreciate it if you please review the **Tea House Etiquette Guidelines** listed below before commenting on a blog post:
  • Dialogue is refreshing like good **tea** in both taste and scent! However, personal attacks toward **The Hostess**, fellow **Guests** (i.e. blog visitors), or **Tea Mates** (i.e. readers who've subscribed to and follow the blog), or toward any race, culture, religion/spirituality, gender, and/or sexual orientation are pure nausea-inducing poison which we do not serve here. The same rule applies to never-ending cyclical debates aimed to shove down your cup of beliefs and opinions down people's throats who may not find it as delicious as you do. Since I am **The Hostess** I reserve the right to ignore a comment and not have it published if it doesn't follow this policy.
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From your Tea Mate,
Reema B. :-)