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Friday, September 4, 2009

heya tea-mates!


Before introducing you to the "tea house" and telling you what's it all about, I want to make sure that you have your first sip of tea to make yourself feel at home here (for the best experience of my posts, I think tea is required to relax you in order to tolerate my inexperience in the world of blogging! Actually, please do ignore this comment as I will explain the significance of tea after you have your first sip...). Now please sit down on these silk cushions and fill your lungs with incense...(do you prefer Asian, Middle Eastern, or Native American incense?).

 Let's see what tea do we have here...would you like black, red, green, or white tea? Chai? Mate? Oolong? Moroccan? Flavored tea? Herbal tea? Blended teas? Hot or iced tea? Any preferred brands of tea? Sugar? Honey? Cardamom? Tapioca? Milk? Sorry no coffee here, I think it's too over-rated!

I was originally intending to type up each of my posts while drinking tea with you guys (hence the title, and yes in real time; not make belief!), but since it is very late at night here and I felt excited to type up my first post, I decided (unfortunately) to ignore this ritual for this first post.

The very idea of the blog was inspired by the movie "Julie & Julia" and by an online forum where one of the new members creatively introduced herself by "virtually" having a tea party. However, instead of creating a blog about a personal cooking challenge like in "Julie & Julia", I thought of blogging about the books I read and my reflections. In other words, having a tea party with the book, the author (in an abstract sense, not necessarily physically), and those of you interested in that same book or similar books.

Yet that was just my initial idea. I then thought: "I kinda want to make a similar blog like Julie's so that I can actually motivate myself in learning to cook fast and in this way also share the joy of cooking and food with you tea mates (I don't even know how to cook, lack common sense in it, and am very SLOW! But I'd love to learn!).

But then as a college student, I doubt I could commit to the latter. This is why in the end, I decided to make our tea parties a place where we not only talk about books, food, and cooking, but also about our very aspirations, reflections about ourselves and life in general, and what inspires us...or makes us laugh! Tea time functions as a way to make time for us to meditate together and relax in our daily hassles as we sip from our little cups and enjoy conversing and connecting with each other.

And I really do hope that we remain life-long tea mates. As a newbie blogger, I still find it a challenge to commit to posting. I hope that tea will be my motivation to continue posting and connecting and your motivation to read and connect ;-)

Welcome to the Tea House,
From your Tea Mate,
Reema B.


  1. lol your a riot reema! your first blog about a tea house and your not drinking tea now (at that that time) and you post it at the coffee shop and an say coffee is over rated:) do you go to starbucks and ask them to refill your dunkin donuts travel mug? :D
    I like rose hip tea with sugar. Mostly I drink pots of coffee a day tho. I do have paul newmens organic black tea tho.
    It seems that movie inspired many many babes to start blogging. Cooking? hmm I worked in a chinese resturant as a driver for 5 years. Id say start with that, stirfry. Its really easy and quick, once you can handle a knife and slice meat an veggies thin an small(cooks faster) hm hints?.. talk(type) about what topics you want, that intrest you. most people try to see what others what to read, I always thought that was strange. If I do what others want, will I still be me or will I become what they want me to be? will I even like who they want me to be? I am very strange, but I like who I am. If you want as many "followers" as you can get, there are tricks to that. but know this..Many followers are just a high number and will rarely read what you post and fewer will comment on your posts.. If you hover your mouse over my name here, you will see links to my blogs and other pages. You probably (I didnt check) made a blogger profile but not a google profile. that will be helpful if you made one.
    Well I'll shut up now. Welcome to Boston btw :D

  2. Hi Reema, okay, you've started a blog, great. From the style of your writing I can see it has potential. I have been reluctant to include blogs with less than 10 posts on Blogger's Cafe because so many start and never go on. But you have prompted me to reconsider. I am opening a new category (still mulling over the name) for blogs like this; it will be in Library 2 and included in recently added blogs.

    You have asked me to teach you... I am a teacher, have been all my life, currently teaching English. I don't consider I am a "Blog" teacher...

    First idea, always add a picture, graphic or cartoon to a post. One of my blogs NR II
    gets about 50 hits a day mainly from Google images search.

    Second idea, post often and post quality, I try to post daily on my blogs. Not always possible, but I manage in the main.

    Third idea, to get traffic join forums and groups participate, always include your url as a part of your signature. Do this also when you comment on other blogs.

    Fourth idea, visit other blogs, leave a comment. People follow commenters.

    Fifth idea, when people visit your blog and leave a comment, always reply personally. That will encourage the person to return and make more comments.

    Sixth idea, on your sidebar at the top, very first thing people see add a graphic or picture of welcome. Check my blogs to see this idea, there's a full list of my blogs if you click on my name highlighted in this comment.

    Seventh idea, good luck.

  3. The interests topics in your profile is meant for linking you with other bloggers with the same interest e.g cooking, golfing

  4. I think your blog is delightful! I look forward to reading more.

    I also have a book suggestion: A History of the World in 6 Glasses. I can't remember who it's by, but it's about how the world and cultures have been shaped by coffee, *tea*, cola, beer, wine and... something else. Hah hah, how silly of me to forget. But, reading this I thought you might like to read the section about tea.

    Good luck in your blogging!

    ♥ WMD

  5. @A Woman Made of Dust: Welcome new tea mate!! I would've preferred to reply to you personally but I didn't find any email on your profile.

    I'm so glad that you liked my blog. Thank you for the comment and for the book suggestion, I just looked it up on Amazon, the author is Tom Standage. You also just gave me an idea for my next post, so please stay tuned; you are indeed a blessing ;-)

  6. Wow I enjoyed reading this post =)

    Hmmm You asked me which tea

    I chose Herbal tea.

    I love Cammomile and Hibiscus Tea, My favourite is Hibiscus

    Any Fruity tea would do, I had one mixed one a few weeks ago, it was loganberry, Strawberry and Cranberry, It smelled so good! ;)

    Wasalam ;) take care

  7. @Carnation: mmmm, I really love your taste sis! Thanks for stopping by :-)

  8. Dear Reema,
    I would like to discover more about teas.
    I feel I'm more a coffee drinker, but i love Chai Latte!!

    I feel you are a really deep and special person, I want to read more of your posts, and think and talk about Life and the beautiful and sometimes frightening mysteries of it.

    In sum, I want to become your life-long tea buddy!!

    your Gaia

  9. @Gaia: Hello there! Here's you Chai Latte (**brings a teapot filled with Chai Latte and a cup for Gaia**). Thank you so much for stopping by the **Tea House** and for leaving this sweet comment! I hope that you'll enjoy reading my posts and share your own insights as well and also that we remain as life-long **Tea Mates** ;-).

    Lotsa love,

  10. I would recommend Irish tea (Barry's or Bewleys is always good). People in my office used to laugh at me bringing in my own tea rather than using the office supplied tea but once they've tried it, they've all asked me where they can get it. Must say, when I'm not drinking tea I do love the milk and ginger drink that a friend in Dubai makes for me.

  11. @CY: Hi CY! I don't think I've ever had Irish tea...I'll look into that, thanks for the recommendation. I think you maybe talking about chai? I prefer the chai karak (karak tea) which contains boiled milk, black tea, and cardamom; you should try that ;-) Thanks for stopping by the **Tea House** by the way!