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Saturday, October 24, 2009

solution to the milky rice pudding disaster!


Tea for the post: chamomile and mango tea. What tea would you like to have?

This post's going to be a short one, 'cause I finally remembered to tell my Mom about my milky rice pudding disaster  I had days ago and asked her what may have possibly gone wrong. I thought I'd update you with her reply (click on the link to see which blog post of mine I'm referring to and to find the ingredients of this dessert) ;-)

It seems that I had apparently added too much milk at the time...and I'm assuming that the temperature in which I was stirring in was too high. Therefore, no pudding was even forming!!! I just ended up stirring and stirring for an hour or two and and it was just plain warm liquid!

In the end, perfecting such simple food and desserts requires trail and error...there's no particular, rigid measurement of recipes to follow.

Hmm...I just remembered that one of our Tea Mates (A Woman Made of Dust; better known as WMD) wanted to try this out herself...I wonder how did hers turn out. So WMD, or anyone of you who has attempted it, if you are reading this post, please do post a comment here in reply and let us know how yours turned out!

From your Tea Mate,
Reema B. :-)


  1. Sometimes it happens to me the same thing, it's all abt milk quantity as ur mum said :)

  2. @Arab Mania: haha lol, but unlike you, I am a beginner cook! (Maybe less than a beginner, I seriously need to practice and learn!)

    @Aztee: Heya, thanks for stopping by my blog and for becoming a Tea Mate! Well, for food and dessert recipes from my region, I recommend you take a look at the following links below, in the meantime, can you teach me some Indonesian recipes :-):

  3. Oooops....sorry Aztee, I accidentally deleted your comment....

  4. ahaha,, =) it's ok..

    mmm, of course.. =) but i think i can't.. cz indonesian doesn't have dessert or appetizers.. we always eat them in one plate..

    btw thx 4 ur links.. i'll try to cook it.. hope it will look so tasty.. ^^

  5. @Aztee: hahaha, let me know how it turns out! ;-) And also, I don't mind if you teach me some other Indonesian food :-D

  6. oh,,, but i cant this time.. =( my teacher give me much works,, zzzz..

    btw.. this is link when u wanna make indonesian food,, hope u will cook it and send it to me.. =)

  7. @Aztee: aww, well good luck in your school work sis, and thank you for the link :-)

  8. I have yet to make it, but thanks for letting me know ahead of time what to do right, ha ha! As soon as I get the time (and ingredients), I plan to make it with my boyfriend. I will be sure to tell you how to goes.


  9. Thxxx^^

    ur welcome,, =) if u cooked it,, send to my address,, hehehe..

  10. @WMD: haha awesome! But don't blame me if yours doesn't turn out well! :-p

    @Aztee: hehehe but you'll have to pay me for that! :-D

  11. hehehe.. =D indonesian food is cheap =D only one dollar u can get ur foods until u can't eat them.. =P
    have u ever go to indonesiaa?? =D

  12. @Aztee: hahah well, although I have traveled a lot, I haven't been to Indonesia yet (would LOVE to visit though!). Also, I think the recipes will be more expensive in the US than in Indonesia lol (plus, you'll have to pay me for shipping as well!)

  13. ah.. u bad =( although indonesia is a lil country, we have lots of cultures! one of them is food! hehe..
    yept yept.. indonesian food is expensive in other country. for example BAKSO (meatball), we can buy it 5000 idr for a full bowl of bakso. but in Australia, for example.. one bowl cost is 20000 idr! wowwwwwww.. expensive.. >,< and the recipes are very different! huh.. bad seller there.. hehehe