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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

generosity of rain


Today's tea: Lipton tea (lol, not too legit...I know). What tea would you like to have?

It was raining yesterday as I was on my way back to campus from my brother's apartment. I had slept over his place during the weekend you see.

I was quite unprepared for the weather. For one thing, I wasn't carrying an umbrella or wearing a rain coat. I had a lot of stuff in a paper Macy's bag. It was quite heavy that I couldn't run to catch the train that was already standing as I arrived to the T-stop. Since I was waiting for the next train for quite a while under the rain, the bag tore off the very moment the next train arrived and I wanted to get on! EVERYTHING was all over the dirty wet pavement before me!! I first pulled all the stuff toward me, allowing others to get on the train. I had to figure out how to stuff the 2 tiny plastic bags that were already in the large Macy's bag.

I felt like I was a homeless person before the people who weren't helping me out (let alone share space under their large umbrellas while I was waiting for the train). I guess I can't blame them as they must've had places they had to go to. It is embarrassing moments like these in which no one gives you a hand that you get inspired to help another person who gets in a similar awkward situation. In other words, I thought: instead of blaming people and bringing myself down with them, let me raise myself higher by making sure that I don't end up like them when I see that someone is in need. Yet I must admit, I am usually slow in seeing an opportunity in which I can actually be of help, I guess it was the same case with these people.

The train eventually left. I then saw a young Asian girl running toward me with two plastic bags! She was breathless and spoke to me quickly saying: "I saw that you dropped your stuff, so I thought I'd give you these bags in case it happens again.", she gave me the bags, I thanked her, and she ran back. It was indeed so nice of her that although she was obviously having some other business she had to tend to, she still took her time to be of help. I guess in the end it is best to celebrate a moment of generosity rather than to blame those who are not otherwise, thus bringing yourself down with them. By depriving yourself the positive emotions of gratefulness and the lesson(s) to be learnt in the experiences and challenges of life, you are not being generous to how can you be generous to others after "breaking the bow" with negative emotions?

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From your Tea Mate,
Reema B. :-)


  1. Good writing Reema. Thank you for sharing an inspiring story. I am glad that the girl took the time to help you when you needed it. It always lifts my spirits when I hear stories of generosity, however small.

    Like you said, our time is better spent celebrating such moments rather than feeling disappointed about others who weren't so thoughtful. Just pay it forward, I would say.

    Stop by my blogpage
    if you get a chance. I would love to see you there.

  2. @Meenakshi: thanks so much for stopping by the Tea House and leaving me a sweet comment! Yes I will definitely take a look at your blog :-)

    Oh, but you've forgotten something my can't leave the Tea House without having some tea!! What would you like me to serve you as a token of my gratitude?