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Friday, September 11, 2009

still alive...and blogging!

No tea for this post...but I am having some fruit! What tea would you like to have?
Classes have started and I had ideas about what to write for this post. But now that I sit here to write it, I completely forgot what those ideas exactly were.

I guess forgetting does serve some benefit since it forces us to explore other ideas or to re-explore those forgotten (or partially forgotten) ideas in a different angle. Without forgetting, not only would our cognitive resources be so overwhelmed with so much information, but also we wouldn't be experiencing that joy felt when the ideas come back at that perfect moment in which we come to realize much more applicable potential in these ideas and further develop them. We also wouldn't be experiencing that joy felt when we look at our pictures or any other souvenir of our past. Such joys are blessings. Such joys are what stimulate us to move forward and make the very essence of living more meaningful and purposeful.

Here's a quote from one of my favorite short chapters in the Holy Koran:

"By degrees shall We teach thee (the Message), so thou shall not forget
Except as Allah wills: for He knoweth what is manifest and what is hidden." (Surat Al-A'laa, verses 6 & 7)

As much as I'd like to type some more and share an illustration from my own life, I think I'd rather go to's 2:25am here...maybe I'll say more in a future post? At least I'm letting you know I'm still alive and blogging!!!


From your Tea Mate,
Reema B. :-)


  1. I also have just started school back up and am facing the same thing: while in class and taking notes I get a brilliant idea about a post and what to say, but as the day goes on and more and more work gets piled on, by the time I to my room I've forgotten it all.

  2. @Woman made of dust: hahaha, yup, that's college life; so fast paced and full of distractions. I usually get my ideas while walking to and back from class...or in the shower! :-p