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Monday, April 12, 2010

befriend me and your fellow **tea mates** on facebook!


Tea for the post, Numi Monkey King Jasmine Green Tea. Besides this tea, I have so far tried their powdered Moroccan mint tea and chamomile/lemon tea and I must say that I like the latter best. At first, I used to like the mint tea but there are times when it makes me feel like I am drinking minty toothpaste. What **tea** would you like me to serve you today?

I have been so bad with blogging since November till now lol. However, I am glad that I have gained another **Tea Mate** again, therefore let me officially introduce you all to her. I'd like you all to welcome Neva Flores. I'm currently following her blog where she writes beautiful poetry, I'd highly recommend you to check it out.

I finally uploaded my knitting pictures but I decided that I'd type up this particular post for another purpose and (once again) procrastinate updating you about my knitting. But no worries **Tea Mates** and **Tea Guests**, I will share that pretty soon. My Spring semester is ending in two weeks and its also getting busier with final papers, presentations and interviews with potential employers for my very first internship.

Anyhow, I just thought I'd like to let you know that I have created a Facebook account  (yes, I already have my own but I have some private information in that one and I'd rather reserve that for my family and the friends I've met in person) so that I can actually get to know you **Tea Mates** better and also to connect with my other online friends (however, those whom I've known for a longer time, I may add them in original Facebook account). I think it'll also be nice for you to get to know one another as well if you're interested.

Anyhow, on the right margin of my blog, I have placed a widget that connects to my Facebook account if you're interested in connecting. Alternatively, you could search for my username which is: Tea Hostess Reema, but if you still can't find me, then you could search for me via my email:

See ya there!

From your Tea Mate,
Reema B. :-)


  1. Your blog is a bit like - only I want to taste the tea not read the leaves!

  2. CY: Loooool!!! Is this blog set up by Yann Martel the writer of Life of Pi?? I really LOVE that book!

  3. Yes, the same one. I've ordered some of the books, my favourite so far was a kid's book that was all about imagination (mainly pictures and only about ten pages long) and a world without borders.

  4. Hmmm, I didn't know he wrote children books. He's a very interesting person.

  5. Oh no, he didn't write that particular book, he sends books he thinks the Prime Minister should read - from a motley selection of authors. The book in question is "Imagine a Day"

  6. I'm def. connecting iA.

    But I would love to connect to your other one too lol, as an ukht in Islam.

    I'm lovin' your blog mA, so interesting and diverse. Keep it up.

    I also want to apolagize for not replying to comments nor commenting on this blog, I also want to thank you for the comments and forgive me for not replying.