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Sunday, April 25, 2010

knitting updates!


Tea for the post:  blend of Samurai Chai Mate and White Ayurvedic Chai from Teavana. Didn't drink that in quite a while lol. What tea would you like to be served today?? Before I start with the main topic of this post, allow me to officially welcome and introduce you to two new **Tea Mates**: Sreelatha and My Getaway. Thank you again for stopping by the **Tea House**! I hope you have both received my welcome email :-) Will be checking out your blogs soon!

Finally, here is the update about my knitting (see my previous knitting post here) and my thoughts about my first knitting products and services from Darn Good Yarn online. Although the products took a while to ship, the balls of yarn I bought were AWESOME, I got a free size 11 bamboo circular, a free crochet needle, the yarn prices were reasonable, and the person who runs this online store is SUPER friendly; she even sent me a handwritten personalized card and had stopped by the **Tea House**! Thank you again Nicole! And please do sip some more **tea** here! :-) In other words, I am overall very satisfied with my purchase.

The yarn sold in this store are recycled, hand-spun, and fairly traded. There is a variety of colors and choices and the store keeps adding more products that keep getting better and better. I plan to buy more of my knitting items from there. For those of you who are into knitting or are even just starting like me, please do check it out for yourselves!

When I first received the stuff I had ordered, I was experimenting with one of the balls of yarn as I watching video tutorials about knitting (check out KnitPicks for free video tutorials combined with pictures and written step-by-step guides great for beginners like me. They also seem to sell good products and I may consider buying from them and testing them out). I then finally decided that I'd like to knit a scarf; its seemed quite easy and I thought it was a great opportunity for plenty of practice.

However, I came to realize that the amount of yarn I was having was not even close enough to knit even half a scarf!! LOL am I a "smart" or what??!! Thus, for this reason, combined with my busy schedule, I stopped for quite a while and decided that I'd like to order some more of that yarn online when I'm free. Now that my Spring semester has ended and my vacation has finally started, I looked at the Darn Good Yarn store today and saw that the particular ball of yarn I wanted was sold out! :-( Looks like I need to wait a bit longer...*sobs*...

From your Tea Mate,
Reema B. :-)


  1. Something funny happened as I chanced upon this blog...

    I was looking it over and thought to myself, "Enya's Teahouse Moon would fit this girl's blog to a T."

    Then your iPod started playing that song:)

    Haha, I'm following!

  2. @Celtic Traveler: Hahaha that is hilarious!! I'm glad that you're also an Enya fan lol :-D Very nice to meet you by the way and welcome to the **Tea House**! Thank you for becoming into a **Tea Mate** **tea** would you like to be served as a token of my gratitude? :-P

    I'll be taking a look at your blogs once I get the time...hopefully this week I might be a bit more free. In the meantime, I hope we get to know each other better and that you enjoy my blog and my future posts :-)

  3. Interesting post. mA.

    You brought back knitting memories sA.