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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

cooking blog suggestion: "from the hearth"

From: From the Hearth


Tea I'm sipping now: Tetley Masala with milk (WHOLE milk of disrespect intended for anyone but I never understood the point behind low-fat or skim...they taste like water!! >,< Haha, as I type this now, I suddenly remembered how an ex-roommate of mine, who was a pro-skim/low-fat milk drinker, told me that whole milk is more disgusting as it tastes like fat!).

No worries **tea mates** and **guests**, I now stop my non-sense ranting about milk and continue among the many ritualistic traditions of this **Tea House**: What **tea** would you like to be served?

Ok, now to the main point of this blog post!

I was just chatting with Azaraksh, a good friend of mine, via Facebook whom I haven't seen for quite some time now. During this conversation, she shared a link to a cooking blog she recently started called From the Hearth. For now, it is a pilot project but she plans to commit to it more fully after she graduates this semester.

The blog mainly specializes on Persian cuisine. Her writing style combined with the images used in each post will certainly guarantee a delightful mouth-watering experience! This is why I decided that I wanted to share this blog with you, my fellow **tea mates** and **tea guests**, in hopes that you may try savoring such dishes as you sip **tea** here in the **Tea House** ;-)

After visiting From the Hearth, please let me know in the comments below about the dishes that you'd like to experiment for yourself or have already experimented and how it all went!

From your Tea Mate,
Reema B. :-)


  1. I must say, the little stab at non-fat milk had me in a giggling fit. There was a beautiful line in a book called "How to Cook A Tart", where the main character refers to skim milk as "albino piss".

    In all sincereity, skim milk is useful for two things. 1, to create better microfoam for hot drinks. 2, to use in baking and prevent too much curdling in recipes.

    On a final note, many thanks for feauturing "From The Hearth". I feel honoured.

    Best wishes,

    P.s. Right now, sipping mint and chamomile tea. ;)

  2. Hello there dearest Azaraksh!! Mmhmm, I do love your choice of tea here :-P Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment here and for initiating as a **tea mate**!

    LOL at the "albino piss"! Dunno if I've heard of that one before. And, although it is pretty obvious now that I think about it, I didn't know that skim milk had some advantage for baking.

    I hope to also follow up on your awesome recipes. Unfortunately, I don't currently have a kitchen but hopefully I may have one next semester! Will let you know so that I can experiment with your ingredients myself ;-)

  3. I suppose that kind of tea is not my cup of tea (I always wanted to say that).

  4. @Abu Pokemon: Lol, you're no fan of Tetley? :-P

  5. Full fat milk all the way. Last week some full fat milk sneaked into the office fridge and it made my day - my tea tasted so much better.