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Friday, February 11, 2011


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Tea for the post: Bigelow Earl Gray Tea flavored with bergamot. One of my favorite teas which I usually sip in between my Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday classes when I have too little time to head back to my dorm and too much time to not do anything. What **tea** would you like to be served?

After a long time of not posting anything here (and still surprisingly gaining new followers!! Would like to welcome all of you to the **Tea House**!), I have a very random question to ask.

Do you guys have any idea if there is such a thing called a "mini-poem" (not necessarily a haiku)? I've once heard of "mini-fiction" which I'm interested in experimenting with sometime (please do check out their facebook page here as well).

But then again, I also wonder, what exactly makes a "poem" in general? I feel like now a days there's so much more flexibility in writing one that you could label anything as a "poem". Would you consider the following sentence below a "poem" or simply "poetic"?

"I am a beating heart among other hearts in the concert of life and death"

I made that one up years ago and suddenly remembered it today. I'm just really not sure what would I call it...can I call it a "poem"??

I guess we cannot limit the meaning of this "label", not even in the sphere of literature and creative writing. Personally, I feel like life and death are expressions of the Divine. I feel like "living poetically" means to be conscious of the "poetry" surrounding you.

From your Tea Mate,
Reema B. :-)

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  1. Well,I think you need to elaborate it a little more.
    It does hold a very strong and deep meaning though,It can be continued,and I know you can surely do that:)So for now its poetic.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here Mubeen! Well, I agree with you that it can definitely be continued. I may actually have an idea as to how I could do that and your comment here made me think of possibly connecting with another poem I'm thinking of writing!

    At the same time though, it seems to stand fine on its own and a poem isn't really meant to "elaborate" anything or make sense; it is an expression of emotion, sentiments, experiences, and at times reflections. So can one sentence count as a poem or even just one word? I personally think yes though I'm not sure if there are others who see it that way too. But then again, that doesn't mean I won't experiment continuing it as you suggested. Thanks for your comment again!